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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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SMCCD Academic senate 101806

A note from the SMCCD Academic Senate President for 101806

Nick Kapp


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2 or 3 weeks goes buy very quickly. We
are now past the halfway point of our semester and personally I’m still struggling
to get all the information that I need to put in my class going. Again, I’ll try and keep these communications
short. If you noticed I have a short
tool bar above. You can go directly to
topics if you wish.

  • One
    of the things that I do as academic senate president is go to the District
    Board Meetings. If you ever get a
    chance take a look at the agenda and the items that the board will be
    looking at in the public session.
    The current agenda and packet can usually be found at

    • The last
      meeting on 10/11/06 was a study session. Past study sessions have included
      Concurrent enrollment issues with local High School Chancellors. Today’s topic was on 3 main things

      • Construction
        Improvement Program management

In my last letter I talk about
how Jose Nunes was elevated to VC of Building Planning ect. This is an attempt by our district to better
spend our bond monies. It was thought
that by using our local expertise we can do a lot of the building oversight in
house rather than bidding it out to an outside contractor. This would give us more control, a better
idea of what is going on and hopefully save us a bit of monies that then can further
go into more buildings. This is the
reason you have seen a number of job announcements
for project coordinators and managers on our website. If it saves us money I’m all for it. We faculty typically grouse that we spend a
lot of money on contractors. So let’s
see if this works. It is also my
understanding that when the buildings are all finished and the bond monies have
all been spend that these positions will no longer be available.

      • Bond

As we all know borrowing money
now is at or near historical lows. Our
district has been authorized by our voting public to offer a number of bonds in
order to fund our buildings. Typically
when a bond is let out, that money has to be spend within 2 or 3 years. In this way buildings will be build instead
of the monies sitting in an interest bearing account. Well, it looks like the district can save money
in the long run by issuing all the debt that we can now, and putting those
monies into short term governmental bonds (this is legal according to a number
of opinions) In this way we lock onto
the historically low rate (just like if you have a variable rate on your
mortgage you are probably trying to lock into a long term loan). 15 years from now when we are paying off
these bonds we will congratulate ourselves on getting the monies while things
were still cheep. If you want to discuss
or see more of the specifics please call me.

      • Electoral

Well it is a political
season and the board does make some recommendations on the various issues that
will be voted on this coming session.
Just like our board asks other boards and political people to support
our Bond measures, the board writes statements on their own. However, typically the board only deals with
issues that would directly affect our students.

  • The
    District Academic Senate Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the
    . From 2:15 till roughly 4pm in room 213
    in the district building. The next
    meeting is October 9th.

    • You can
      view the agenda and the unapproved minutes of this meeting at the DAS website

    • The California State Academic Senate Area B meeting was
      held at Canada
      this past Month Minutes are posted

      • Items
        for discussion included

        1. Course
          numbering for students, AP credit policies, Support for Hartnell College (they are going on
          strike), Defining Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree,
          opposition to Associate Degrees based Solely on IGETC and CSU GE
          breadth, Supporting Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Coordinators.

        2. Patty
          Dilko Canada AS president hosted this meeting and did a fantastic job.

    • The State Plenary for the California Academic Senate
      will be held 10/25/06-10/28/06.
      Materials can be found on the California Academic
      Senates website


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